Week One: The Genealogy of Jesus - Woven into God’s Family Week 1

December 9, 2018

Speaker: Jon Thompson
Scripture:Matthew 1



Series Title: The Genealogy of Jesus - Woven into God's family

Series Description: Jesus Christ, God with Us, was born into a family and woven into the fabric of humanity. His family tree is full of colourful characters - just like our own family trees. Some are beautiful, and some broken, yet all these branches were used to bring us to the moment when Heaven touched Earth and began to stitch us into the story. The Genealogy of Jesus - Woven into God's family.

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Us, Daniel and the Lion’s Den - Daniel: Thriving in Exile Week 10

December 2, 2018

Speaker: Jon Thompson
Scripture:Daniel 6

Description: In the lions’ den, Daniel shows us the power of prayer and necessity of Spiritual disciplines, He prayed knowing God is in control, God is with him, God can change the situation or help him though it. Daniel is a model for us as we encounter the lions’ den in all aspects of our lives.

Series Title: Daniel: Thriving in Exile
Series Description: Free though locked in chains, wise in the age of folly, unflinching in the face of a lion, influencer of kings and kingdoms, steadfast through fiery trials, empowered by the spirit of God.

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