C4 Church Video Sermons

Hope For Blessing - All Over The Earth Week 3

September 27, 2015

Speaker:  Jon Thompson
Scripture:  Zachariah 8
Description:  Exegeting Zachariah 8
Series Title:  All Over The Earth
Series Description:  All over the earth! What a call! What an invitation! This biblically informed, inspiration giving and noble call is rooted in Jesus last words, go go into the whole world! But as we start this year, as we prepare to step out in ways this church has never done we must know what hope we are praying for, living in and spreading, here, there, everywhere!  Hope is such an easily said word. Jesus Hope of the World, Jesus Hope for Humanity, hope is here, renewal, revival, awakening yes yes yes of course we say! But what does hope mean really?

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