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Recap - Spiritual Practices Week 13

August 31, 2014

Speaker:  Jon Thompson
Scripture:  Romans 10:9; Luke 14:25-34
Description:  As we come to the end of our sermon series of Spiritual Disciplines, we can ask ourselves 2 questions: 'Do we think discipleship and spiritual practices are even an option?' and 'Do I really want to be a disciple of Jesus Christ?'
Series Title:  Spiritual Practices
Series Description:  If Spiritual gifts are the only ongoing guaranteed place of power, then Spiritual practices, if you are a Christian, are the guaranteed place of transformation! As one wrote, "The disciplines allow us to place ourselves before God so that he can transofrm us." Join us in this series as we walk through what some of these holy habits look like, feel like and how they can move you closer to God and others.

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