C4 Church Video Sermons

Ten Commandments: Week SIX

June 16, 2019

Speaker: Joel Penney

Scripture: Exodus 20:13-14

Sermon Description:

This week we tackle the 6th and 7th Commandments: do not murder, and do not commit adultery. These are heavy topics, so to address them we need to understand the true meaning of the Old Testament texts where these commandments are found, and then explore the implications for what they mean for daily life. In both cases, Jesus himself takes these commandments and expands upon them in the Sermon on the Mount. The bottom line: we are all more sinful than we could ever imagine, yet at the same time we are more loved and accepted in Jesus Christ than we ever dared hope (Tim Keller).

Series: 10 Commandments

Series Description: 

This series is on the 10 Commandments. We are exploring - are they relevant, are they useful, how do they help us see God, how do they drive us to God’s mercy and can they become life-giving laws after you have met Jesus?

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