C4 Church Video Sermons

Week Five: Jesus is the GOOD SHEPHERD

August 4, 2019

Speaker: Ben Hilson

Scripture: John 10:11

Sermon Description:

Welcome to week five in our series on the I AM statements of Jesus. This week we are diving into Jesus as the Good Shepherd. As Pastor Ben shares,  Jesus is not just good in our understanding of the word…but is actually the True, Authentic Shepherd that would lay down His life for His sheep. Jesus, knowing that like sheep we are helpless in dealing with our sin, comes to do it for us. When we choose to repent of our sins and embrace the love our Good Shepherd offers us, we experience REAL freedom in a loving relationship with Jesus Christ.

 Series: Jesus is 

Series Description: 

This summer we are going to walk through 9 amazing “I am” statements and visuals given by Jesus. Each one helps us understand the fullness of what Jesus claimed about Himself and prompts us to answer, “Who do you say that Jesus is?”

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