C4 Church Video Sermons

Week Three: Jesus is the LIGHT OF THE WORLD

July 23, 2019

Speaker: Jon Thompson

Scripture: John 8:12

Sermon Description:

Welcome to Week Three in our series on the I AM statements of Jesus.

In John 8, right on the temple grounds, at the heart of the Jewish faith, Jesus himself states, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” This claim is shocking, not only to those in his midst as he said it, but for us today as well. Jesus says that they only way not to walk in darkness is to follow Him. And if we don’t? So much is at stake!

Jesus is the only one strong enough, pure enough, enlightening enough and powerful enough to show us our darkness, break our darkness, free us from our darkness and to change us to know what darkness and light even are! Jesus is the only light for the whole world, and if you walk in Him you will not be in darkness any longer.

Series: Jesus is 

Series Description: 

This summer we are going to walk through 9 amazing “I am” statements and visuals given by Jesus. Each one helps us understand the fullness of what Jesus claimed about Himself and prompts us to answer, “Who do you say that Jesus is?”

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