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Welcoming Jesus into the World: Woven into God’s Family Week 2

December 16, 2018

Speaker: Joel Penney
Scripture:Matthew 1

Description: One of the last people mentioned in the genealogy of Jesus is Joseph—an average person who did an incredible thing: he welcomed Jesus into the world. With immediate obedience, Joseph shows us how we too can welcome Jesus into the world, and live knowing God is always with us.

 Series Title: The Genealogy of Jesus - Woven into God's family

Series Description: Jesus Christ, God with Us, was born into a family and woven into the fabric of humanity. His family tree is full of colourful characters - just like our own family trees. Some are beautiful, and some broken, yet all these branches were used to bring us to the moment when Heaven touched Earth and began to stitch us into the story. The Genealogy of Jesus - Woven into God's family.

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